Certi Platform Features

Discover the amazing features that makes Certi fit for your business.

Template Designs

Use our beautiful built-in templates available at your disposal to quickly issue certificates and generate documents on blockchain. These designs are varied based on industry and domain. We keep adding more designs in the mix from time-to-time. We encourage the community to contribute designs as well.

Build Your Own Template

It's extremely easy to build new templates on certi. We support html format mostly and if you can do it once, you can do it everytime. It can be certificate, document, agreement or any other format that you may need. You can choose to make it private if you do not want anyone else to access your templates, protected if you want only your invited people to have access or public if you want to let everyone use it.

Simplifed Generation Process

Just a simple form if you want to generate a single certificate or document. There's absolutely no coding requirement needed to generate a certificate.

Issue in Bulk

Generate in bulk by uploading a csv file according to our given specifications on the page and voila, it's done. You can upload upto 10,000 student list at once and our sub-routine will process it in a scheduled task format. You can download a report from dashboard later if you want.

Flexible Email Options

Automated email to the certificate owner upon generation. If you want us to send a mail to the receipient, just enter the email id of the certificate issuee and we'll send an email with the certificate in it.

Preview before Publish

Preview your certificate or document as many times as you want before we generate it. This will help you in visualising how it would look like in the final draft.


A major advantage that blockchain brings to digital certifcates and documents industry is the ability to revoke what's already issued. You can easily revoke any certificate from your dashboard with just a single click. This also obviously involves a blockchain update on the state of the certificate.

UPI Support

All payments in the Certi platform are done via UPI. UPI supports all major banking networks in India. Anybody verifying will also have to pay in UPI.